A place for people who want to build better cultures in our Public Sector Services; Pirates, Rebels, Truth-Tellers & Whistleblowers welcome...  


The erosion of ethics in our Public Services, an absence of openness and an unwillingness to listen and learn is causing harm, costing lives, and destroying our faith in them and those who lead them.


The defensiveness in our Public Services is costing lives. Over 10'000 avoidable deaths occur each in the NHS alone, destroying families and costing BILLIONS each year in compensation.


Change will come from people with experience and passion who want to make a positive difference. We need to develop our shared  understanding of the issue to address it together.

It's said we live in a post-truth, post-trust era, but it feels a lot like a post-honesty era. There is an increasingly obvious and damaging lack of integrity in the leadership and management of our public services. We have reached a point where we are no longer surprised by wrongdoing and cover-ups, sadly we are now more shocked when we encounter humanity, humility and honesty.

A relentless focus on chasing meaningless targets and managing reputation at any cost is defacing, demoralising and dehumanising our public services, stripping them of empathy and compassion. They have become unwitting slaves to processes and procedures and have lost touch with the original purpose they were created to meet; to protect us, to care for us, to help us, to serve us.  

People working in them are discouraged from being open, honest and acting with integrity or kindness. Truth-Tellers are labelled Whistleblowers and careers are needlessly sacrificed. The question is not whether our public sector services need to regain their humanity; that ship has sailed. The challenge now is to understand why and find ways of addressing this important issue.

You may be one of the many good people working in our public services, a frontline hero, a frustrated manager with a strong moral compass, or you may have personal experience of using services. Whatever your reasons, if you would like to become part of the discussion and help find solutions to this problem then come and join the forum, get involved, and share your ideas... 


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Humanity & Integrity in Public Services

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