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Why this website?
We have a serious problem that we don't seem willing or able to talk about openly.

Our public services, health, social care, employment support, councils, justice, education, have all become so focused on chasing meaningless targets, ticking boxes and managing their reputations, that they are losing their way. They seem institutionally unable to treat people, employees, and service users, with compassion. People are encouraged to hide their mistakes and organisations appear increasingly willing to act without integrity.  

If you had said to my younger corporate, grey suit-wearing, MBA sporting, slightly arrogant, social media image conscious self, that one day, perhaps in the not too distant future, I would be encouraging people to share their views on the lack of humanity and integrity in our public sector services, I would have thought you were, "ill-informed" at best, something else at worst. But then I became that person, the one whose life is torn apart by the inhumane and dishonest actions of others. I became the recipient of injustice, I became a whistleblower, I became the very person I used to look at and think, they must have brought that on themselves, they must be a trouble maker.  

Not only have I worked in and around a wide range of public sector services, but my family and I have now been failed by each and every single public sector organisation we have sought help from. However, once the rage subsides, and trust me when you have been failed in the ways I have, it takes a while for that to happen, you begin to realise the problem is not that public services are awash with bad people, sure they have their share, like any other cross-section of society, but the real problem is not the people, it is the culture of the systems and organisations they work within.  

So if you are me then what do you do? You can either continue to howl at the moon, say bollox to everything and everyone, and go live in the woods, or you can recognise that if you're not prepared to try and make a difference then you are part of the problem. So I set up HIPSS and this website to make a positive difference by raising awareness of important issues that are costing lives and causing untold heartache to far too many people. Not just awareness of the wrongdoing that occurs, but of the reasons it occurs, of the forces that can lead to generally decent people, behaving in some pretty shitty ways.     

If you would like to be part of the solution then become part of the movement, become a member of the site (it's free) and join the forum, start a discussion. You can contact me using the form below. I am merely a lead volunteer and I see my role as hosting the website and the forum and providing the space for discussions and sharing ideas and insights.  

Get in touch and share your thoughts, especially if you disagree!

Improvement begins with understanding, so let's start increasing each other's understanding of the issues...

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HIPSS is a limited company registered in England. The postal address is:
The Loft, 6 Newlands Place, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 9DT
Tel: 07834-324-555