Code of conduct:

Dear website visitor and fellow traveller on the journey. This site was set-up to generate open honest dialogue, where everyone and all views are welcome, where conversations and thinking can start but not be contained. As well as being a place where people can sense-check, seek reassurance and network with others who share similar views, it is also a place for conflicting opinions to be shared, encouraged and explored.

Deliberation is said to be the work of many and action the preserve of one, and though there may be some truth in this, there is as much truth in the adage that you can go fast if you go alone, but farther if you go together. The ambition to develop greater levels of humanity and integrity in our public sector services is a complex and worthy challenge requiring fresh analysis and new thinking. There seems little doubt that our knowledge and understanding increases as we engage and wisdom seldom emerges from echo chambers. The sparks from differing views are often the catalyst that increases our collective awareness and drives innovation and change. 

The impact of poor behaviours, the lack of humanity and integrity our public sector services often display, is hugely significant for many and discussions about this topic can be highly charged and understandably emotional. If you are posting or commenting on this site then feel free to be authentic and passionate whilst respecting others views.

Please try to maintain a spirit of inquiry. Be prepared to look at the assumptions and the evidence underpinning your thinking as well as question the views and assumptions of others. It is fair to ask questions such as, “what leads you to believe this”, or, “what makes you ask about that”Don't feel you have to pussyfoot, colourful language is acceptable, life is colourful. You can call things as you see them, but recognise that other's views are as valid to them as yours are to you. Be as resolute as you wish, try to be kind also, and have fun if the urge takes you...