Welcome to a movement for positive change that wants public services and the people working in them to be the best they can be...

My name is Tom Bell. My family and I have been seeking justice for my sister Alison for many years. In 1988 she was a patient of NHS mental health services when she was groomed by a nurse who had sex with her on hospital premises. Alison endured a crisis-pregnancy and an abortion was quickly arranged by hospital staff. Details of what happened were omitted from key medical records. Alison took her life in 1991, she was 25. The names of the offenders are known yet nobody has ever been held accountable www.AlisonsStory.com

Though our story is shocking, we are just one of many small boats, part of a growing flotilla struggling in the same storm. Thousands upon thousands of families are suffering, often in numbed and hopeless silence because the services they trusted to help their loved ones have let them down catastrophically. It is not that we expect public services or the people working in them to be perfect, but we do need them to be honest and admit when things go wrong. My personal search for truth cost my career in the NHS and drove me to the point of suicide. 

But I don't believe people are inherently bad. Many of our Public Sector Services simply do not enable employees to take their best self to work. People are forced to compromise for many reasons. This website was developed as a space for candid, passionate, compassionate and respectful conversations about an ethical cultural crisis that is costing lives and causing harm. What makes reasonable people blind to things they would not want for their own loved ones? What are the behaviours we want to see in our Public Services and how can we develop and share them?

If we can create humane cultures of openness and transparency built on the principles of humanity and integrity at every level in our Public Sector Services, then we can reduce harm and heartache, saving lives and money in the process. I invite you to join this important conversation, to share your knowledge, experience, thoughts, and ideas, to make our public sector a better place to work, that works better for all of us...

I value public services, and I love the concept of the NHS. The principle of universal healthcare embodies the very best of what it can mean to be human. But each year over ten thousand families are losing a loved one to an avoidable death in its care. That's more than two Hillsborough tragedies occurring every week. We cannot continue to let our love of the NHS blind us to this unseen, ongoing, and preventable tragedy.